The Jaquet Droz Eclipse Onyx

In a display case full of technically accomplished timepieces constructed from cutting-edge materials and containing every conceivable complication, a Jaquet Droz watch will stand alone.  Theirs are timepieces which are almost mythical in their perfection – enough already?  The Watch Press feels no shame – we love this brand.  In an industry where the boundaries of what can be achieved within the confines of a watchcase are continually challenged, we find the simple elegance of a Jaquet Droz uplifting.

Worthy of the portfolio, this one has a dial constructed from onyx, housed in a generous 43mm trim-bezeled steel case.  Naturally the eye is at once drawn to the celestial scene of the moon phase and its ensemble of stars.  This is a moon face with an appearance which is almost as humanistic as the renowned Automatons which have gained so much publicity for the brand recently, but is a wonderfully playful arrangement as it peeps out from behind a perfect little moving disc.

A seductive serpentine hand encircles the dial to indicate the date, recessed twin apertures display the day and month and the hour and minute hands are suitably slender.  This is dial devoid of hour numerals ensuring an abundance of empty onyx which simply begs to be admired.  Inside is the Jaquet Droz Calibre 6553LZ with 68 hours of power reserve.

The Jaquet Droz Eclipse Onyx comes presented on a black alligator leather strap.

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