Top 50 Women Forum, INP, DCarbon to launch sustainability reporting training programmes for female cadres

TOP 50 Women Forum has on Wednesday announced its Sustainability Reporting Training Programmes for female cadres in cooperation with the Institute of National Planning (INP), DCarbon Sustainability Consultancy.

The Forum announced its latest programmes during the Women Towards Sustainability seminar, which witnessed the attendance of Ashraf Al Araby, president of INB; Dina Abdel Fattah, Top 50 Women Forum founder and chairperson; Ehab Shalaby, CEO of DCarbon; Hesham Eissa, former Egyptian focal point at the UNFCCC; and Hala Abou Ali, from the Environmental Planning and Development Centre at the INB.

Ashraf Al Araby, president of the Institute of National Planning (INP)

The Forum, INP, and DCarbon plan to launch the first-of-its-kind integrated climate awareness programme for women in business and female leaders in support of the transition to the green economy and preservation of the environment. The programme aims to highlight the impact of climate change and women’s role in driving a climate action.

The seminar coincides with Egypt’s preparations to host the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh next November.

INP’s partnership With Top 50 Women Forum, and DCarbon aligned with Egypt’s vision 2030 and INP’s women empowerment prospects and strategy that was set up in 2015, said its president Ashraf Al Araby.

“INP’s strategy pursues women empowerment at all levels”, said Al Araby.

INP offers various programmes for post-graduate studies, in addition to consultancy services in planning and development for either public or private entities operating in several sectors, he added. The Institute had already reached various international partnerships with World Bank and the Arab Planning Institute.

Speaking about the new programmes, Dina Abdel Fattah said they will be offered to female cadres “working in several sectors, such as financial, banking, and fashion sectors. This is in addition to their prime focus on the green economy,”

Ehab Shalaby, CEO of DCarbon Egypt

Abdel Fattah also praised Egyptian women’s growing presence and contribution to the abovementioned sectors. That is why, these training programmes will provide the trainees with all the support and skills to enhance their capabilities.

Ehab Shalaby, DCarbon- Egypt CEO, stated that the company has prioritised sustainability localisation and capacity-building for achieving sustainability.

“The Egyptian culture should be incorporated in sustainability, in order to address the challenges that the country is facing to be turned into opportunities”, Shalaby added.

He also referred to the exceptional challenges that the world has been facing, referring to the impact of clime change and Egypt’s preparation for the upcoming COP 27.

DCarbon Egypt CEO also announced the formation of an action group to promote sustainability, highlighting that sustainability has just been a mere perception in Egypt 4 years ago. “Yet, our unique vision to achieve it has been fruitful.”

TOP 50 Women Forum is the first-of-its-kind platform that brings together female technocrats in Egypt. The forum was set up by 50 honorees recognised as the most influential women in the Egyptian economy during Amwal Al Ghad Annual Ceremony which was held in January 2016 under the auspices of Egypt’s Prime Minister. The Forum aims to promote women’s role as key partners in socio-economic development. The Forum’s members are female ministers, and C-suite executives working for major companies operating in various economic sectors, as well as female entrepreneurs.

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