TREND’s 8th Financial Market Conference Begins

TREND 2014 Financial Markets Exhibition and Conference has kicked off today in Cairo.

Celebrating its eighth anniversary, TREND 2014 will give the green light and pave the way to present thrilling and comprehensive overviews on diverse issues, topics and tendencies affecting the financial markets, within 4 days and under-one-roof. The event represents the impeccable meeting-point for experts, consultants, portfolio managers, brokers, traders and investors.

TREND 2014 offers immense prospects, among these are; increasing the investors and traders awareness, nominating promising investment and trading opportunities, stimulating the factual direct links connecting all the concerned entities of the financial markets and encouraging mutual cooperation and further integration.

Statistics, research and experience have proven that TREND pays for itself many times over for both participants and visitors; it creates opportunities to generate business effectively. The event upsurges the exhibitor’s competitive effectiveness, whilst enhancing and reinforcing their corporate image.

Thanks to the tremendous success of its preceding editions and to its outstanding reputation, TREND 2014 is expecting massive growth in terms of space, exhibitors and visitors.

TREND 2014 comes with the waving flag of “New Egypt”.

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