Two killed in Yak-52 plane crash in Chelyabinsk region

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry’s main department for the Chelyabinsk region has confirmed the death of two people in the crash of a Yakovlev Yak-52 trainer plane in the region, the ministry’s press service reported on Sunday.

“Two people have been killed in the Yak-52 crash. One of them was the aircraft pilot, and the passenger’s identity is being verified. The reasons for the Yak-52 crash are so far unknown. The plane was grossly damaged,” the ministry said.

Representatives of the military investigation department of the Central Military District of Russia have gone to the crash scene.

The plane was found 8 km from the runway of Kalachevo airport of the town of Kopeisk from which it flew earlier. At 12:55, Moscow time, reports came that the Yak-52 that was performing a training flight lost radio contact disappeared from radar screens in the area of Kalachevo airport.

According to the airdrome experts, the weather conditions were favorable for the flight.

Source:  Tass Russian News Agency