UK Spy Agency runs Amr Moussa’s Presidential Compaign: Report

After several reports and close observations of the secrecy atmosphere that characterized Amr Moussa’s campaign, a reporter in Cairo confirmed that there are a team of British Intelligence officers (MI-6) that are running Amr Moussa’s presidential campaign.

The sources confirmed that Britain, and in agreement with Amr Moussa, and through its ambassador in Cairo “James Watt” trained a squad of its secret intelligence to work in Egypt. 

Britain had sent this team about three months ago to Cairo under the pretext of tourism. The team conducted studies on the conditions of the Egyptian people and mapped out the demography according to classes and sects in Egypt. 

The reporter confirmed that there are large amounts of money being spent on the electoral campaign, which is considered that most sophisticated and advanced in terms of information and mobilization. Those responsible for the campaign are the intelligence officers themselves and are running operations rooms equipped with communication networks direct linked to the home base in England. 

In the same context, the reported also confirmed that this team is working on identifying the living conditions of Egyptians after they studied how much money can affect votes and that with the help of Amr Moussa’s allies in power, according to Islam Times.

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