Unilever launched TRESemmé range to grant women salon transformation power everyday at home

 In a huge celebration, Unilever Mashreq launched TRESemmé range of products in the Egyptian markets. TRESemmé range of products is designated to grant women affordable salon transformation experience at home. The celebration was attended by Unilever Mashreq top management, society figures, and celebrities such as: Bushra, Mai Selim and Reem El Baroudy and the renowned Egyptian hair stylist salon “Ahmed & Abdou”. The famous hair stylist Abdo gave a comprehensive presentation on hair structure and the techniques to maintain healthy hair. Celebration was concluded by a show for the latest haircuts and dos in 2014.

TRESemmé is enriched with long history that goes back to 60 years. TRESemmé range of products is launched today in a new look with the same quality and better competitive prices to offer the Egyptian women affordable salon transformation experience. The launched range will also give them unprecedented results meant to inspire women to complement their style by a salon experience every day.

Shereen Abdel Monein- Head of Personal Care Marketing Sector at Unilever Mashreq- stated “we are celebrating today the launch of TRESemmé hair care range in the Egyptian market after Unilever’s acquisition of the US Aberto Culver. By virtue of this acquisition, TRESemmé products have joined our personal care products list to rock the whole field. TRESemmé products were first designated for hair salons professionals only. Formula has been developed to be available for all customers. You can imagine the results that will be exclusively granted to our customers through this unprecedented range of products.”

Shereen added that TRESemmé is expected to foster the company’s position in the Egyptian market where the company aims to offer diversified and different hair care product ranges. We are confident that 60 years experience of hair care –being TRESemmé history- is capable of meeting customers’ expectations of getting shinny and healthy hair.”

From his side hair stylist Abdo said “getting shinny and healthy hair might be farfetched especially if you are fond of the latest hair trends. From our point of view and extensive experience in hair care, we firmly confirm that TRESemmé products are the best solution to give all women the hair salon professional results at home every day. The unique formula of TRESemmé products containing international and rich ingredients endorsed with Keratin and natural extracts is capable of protecting hair from harmful external effects whether weather, humidity, sunlight or dusts.”

It is worth mentioning that TRESemmé range of products comprises seven types of shampoo and conditioner. The whole range is enriched with natural extracts and keratin while pertaining to the individual needs of each hair type to guarantee meeting the evolving and growing needs of the Egyptian market customers.