Viu, Egypt Clothing Bank join forces to donate clothes to needy areas

Hong Kong-based over-the-top video streaming provider Viu is cooperating with Egypt Clothing Bank (ECB) to implement a new initiative called ‘Join Sherry this Eid’ donation campaign across the country.

This charitable tie-up started during the last week of Ramadan encouraging the community to donate clothes for the underprivileged across Egypt and will keep running until Eid Al-Adha.

The “Join Sherry this Eid” initiative was inspired by the Arabic Ana Sherry Dot Com Viu Original series. In the show, the lead character Sherry, played by actress Sara Al Shamy, runs an online business on the website, which auctions her late mother’s dress collection including imitations of iconic outfits worn by celebrities.

Following the same thread, in real life, the web domain is now open for all those located in Egypt who wish to donate their items of clothing that are still in good condition. The clothes will make their way through the Egypt Clothing Bank (ECB) to underprivileged people who will be able to wear them on the occasion of Eid.

“At Viu, we decided to partner with ECB to give back in our own way by opening up a portal for all those who wish to donate clothes to the less fortunate.” Waseem Sayegh, Vice President of Marketing at Viu MENA, said.

“Although such acts of kindness should be done all year around, they are especially pronounced during occasions like Eid to bring smiles to everyone, thus spreading the joy and happiness amongst all.”

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Viu on this noble initiative and further inform people on the role our charitable organization plays in helping the deprived in Egypt.” Manal Saleh, Chief Executive Director at ECB said.

“We can all make a difference.” Saleh added.

“The campaign kicked off positively with a large number of donations in the first few days which almost equalled the donations gathered during the last week of Ramadan.”

“We encourage people to continue their clothes donation process as we extend this initiative until Eid al-Adha.’

Sarah El Shamy, lead actress in Ana Sherry Dot Com series, and the rest of the series cast members have also donated their clothes to ECB to better support Egypt’s needy communities. Community members can still visit “Join Sherry this Eid” campaign website at for a charitable contribution, and donations of clothes in good condition.