Vodafone Egypt Launches ‘Arabeety’ for Personal AVL Services

Vodafone Egypt has launched new service ‘Arabeety’ , this service is designed to track and manage vehicles or fleet whether personal cars, buses, vans, trucks, motorbikes, yachts or general mobile assets for companies.

This service is designed to address day-to-day vehicles challenges for personal or business entities giving you ultimate safety & control that saves your time & money.

Vodafone Egypt Head of Strategy Mr. Alaa Zaher said the service has actually operated in Vodafone’s branches, noting that the service will allow to individuals the ability to keep their vehicles from the theft.

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology Minister Atef Helmy launched in 2013 a service for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) for the first time, to allow subscribers to track their cars and help users to protect their cars from thefts as well as curbing the phenomenon of smuggling subsidized fuel.

The service will be effective throughout GPS, and will be provided in cooperation with Vodafone Egypt and Egyptian Tracking Services and Information Technology (ETSIT) Company.

 AVL licences were reportedly banned in Egypt under the regime of former president Hosni Mubarak due to security concerns, as it was thought that the use of such services would expose important figures to assassination.