World celebrates Taylor Swift as Person of the Year while children get killed in Gaza

Time Magazine named American musician Taylor Swift Person of the Year on Wednesday which seems to be more important than a genocide against the Palestinian people.

The musician, who has been vocal and political on different occasions, chose silence in the face of apartheid.

Despite Swift having a massive platform and being loved by millions across the globe, she has ignored the death of innocent children and women in Gaza.

On November 17, a 23-year-old fan died during one of the singer’s concert, which is definitely heartbreaking.

However, is the fact that more than 7,000 innocent children, between the ages of two to 16, got killed not as heartbreaking?

The ongoing aggression on Gaza is nothing new to the Palestinian people, they have been facing genocide for more than seven decades.

However, these numbers have exceeded those of the 1948 Nakba with more than 1.9 million displaced and more than 16,000 killed.

This time around, one can never excuse him or herself by saying that he or she did not know, the mass destruction is all over social media.

This comes to prove that feminism and human rights is only applicable to white people.

It also proves that mental health and PTSD only matter when you are Jew, when your people went through the holocaust.

Casting the holocaust as THE trauma, overshadows people’s suffering for 75 years of going through Apartheid system including concentration camps, mass killings, torture, and crimes against humanity.

The white supremacy is suffocating and people’s silence is deafening.

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