Yehia Hamad, Chinese Ambassador Discuss Multiplying Investments in Egypt

Egyptian Minister of Investment Yehia Hamad has convened a meeting with Mr. Song Aiguo, Chinese Ambassador to Cairo, to look into the Egyptian Chinese investment cooperation fields and the ways of boosting the volume of the Chinese investments in Egypt. It also discuss the development process is being carried out by the Chinese side at the economic area in North West of Suez Gulf.

Egypt always aspires to have more investment partnerships with China. As it constantly coordinates with the Chinese side over increasing the investment opportunities essential to the big Chinese companies, said Egyptian Minister.

In the meeting, Hamad talked about what is the ministry is doing at the present time from procedures and efforts to support the ventures of the private sector and to encourage the infrastructure ventures in Egypt, the PPP ventures and the small and medium enterprises.

He also told the Chinese ambassador about the targeted ventures in the coming period, and the slogan launched by the ministry for the coming period, which is “Investment is the development engine in Egypt”.

The Egyptian minister called on the Chinese delegation to ask the Chinese investors to recognize the complete investment map that would be announced by the end of June.

On his part, the Chinese ambassador confirmed that his country is willing to enhance the economic and investment cooperation with Egypt through multiplying the volume of the Chinese investments here.

And the Chinese side showed its willingness to have partnerships in the Egyptian ventures targeted to be built in Port Said city.