Housing ministry executes 12 water, sanitation projects in Ismailia and Port Said

Egypt’s Housing Ministry is implementing 12 drinking water and sanitation projects in Ismailia and Port Said governorates with cost of 803 million Egyptian pounds ($42.6 million), Minster Mustafa Madbouly said Saturday.

The 12 projects aim to serve around 1.2 million populations, Madbouly stated, adding that his ministry is set to deliver utilities to 10, 821 units in Port said.

The ministry is carrying out sanitation plants in Ismailia’s Kilo 2 district with cost estimated at 16 million pounds to serve around 27,000 populations, Madbouly noted.

In addition, other sanitation plants in El Ferdan area in Ismailia are being implemented with cost worth 12 million pounds for serving 4,000 populations. The plants are scheduled to be concluded in December 2017.

Madbouly further clarified that Arab Contractors Company (AC) is currently executing Al-Kantra Garb Water purification plant in Ismailia with cost valued 50 million pounds. The plant is expected be finished next June to serve around 70,000 citizens.

On the other hand, Sayed El-Ashry -Chairman of National Authority for Potable Water and Sewage- said that AC is executing expansion works at Abu Sowair water plant to serve 30,000 citizens with total cost of 10 million pounds.

AC is also carrying out a water plant in El Mostakbal City with capacity of 68,000 cubic metres per day and cost estimated at 120 million pounds, El-Ashry said.

He showed that this plant would serve 170,000 citizens and it is scheduled to be concluded next September.

The Egyptian Ministry is currently establishing sewage treatment plant upon two phases in Port Said.

The first phase is being carried out with total cost estimated at 350 million pounds and capacity of 40,000 cubic metres. It is scheduled to be completed next June.

Meanwhile, the second phase is would serve around 100,000 beneficiaries through capacity estimated at 65,000 cubic metres. It would be finished next September.

Madbouly stressed that the ministry is about to finish utilising 6,912 housing units in Port Said with cost worth 35 million pounds.

Moreover, the minister concluded that Central Agency for Reconstruction began utilising 3,909 units as part of the Social Housing project.