140.000 Tablets Sold In Egypt Within Last Period :El Fateh

Karim El-Fateh, General Manager of Intel Egypt, has affirmed that the number of tablets which have been sold in Egypt within the last period reached about 140.000 tablets, pointing out that the Egyptian market may witness a significant growth within the next phase.

Moreover, he stated that Intel is mulling over expanding the sales of computing tablets in cooperation with its partners such as distributors and manufacturers, noting that the tablets will witness a great demand because of their large sizes as compared to smart phones and their multiple kinds like ‘screen only’  or shifting between screens and keyboards.

Ahmed El Zoghby, Intel Egypt Marketing Development Manager, has indicated that the number of studies issued by Morgan Stanly Investment Banking as well as International Data Corporation (IDC) confirmed that the number of tablet users around the world are about 216 million users within 2013 as compared to 133 million in 2012.

Furthermore, El Zoghby has illustrated that the number of internet users around the world are about 2.2 million users, while the smart phones sales amounted to 700 million devices.