3 Mln Tons of Egyptian Wheat To Be Supplied

Ali Sharaf El Din,  Chairman of the Chambers of Cereal & Its Products of the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), said these quantities that ranges between 2.5 to 3 million tons are sufficient to meet the domestic consumption supplies for 8 months.

Meanwhile, Abdel Ghaffar El Salamouny – vice chairman of the Chamber of Cereal & Its Products of the FEI – emphasized on the necessity for having appropriate storage capacity.

“It is necessary to have appropriate storage capacity for both Egyptian and imported wheat. 15% of the wheat stock become unfit for consumption due to  bad storage.” El Salamouny said.

“There are about 800 thousand tons of imported wheat left in the Mediterranean ports due to the lack of storage facilities. There are also 156 tons left in Red Sea ports for the same reason.”

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