7 Egyptian contractors hope to execute infrastructure projects in Iraq – AFCCA

Seven Egyptian major construction companies are looking to execute a various bundle of infrastructure projects in Iraq within the upcoming period, said head of African construction federation.

These remarks were made by head of the African Federation for Construction Contractors’ Associations (AFCCA) Hassan Abdel Aziz on Monday.

This move comes as part of the current coordination between the Federation of Arab Contractors (FAC) and the Egyptian Ministry of Housing to enable Egyptian contactors to execute more works there, Abdel Aziz added.

A high-level delegation from Iraq’s Housing Ministry is set to visit a number of national projects in Egypt, including roads, bridges, infrastructure, and housing, he said.

“The development projects in Iraq include infrastructure and fully-fledged works as well as road, electricity, educational, and housing flagships,” Abdel Aziz said.