7364 Tourists Arrive in Red Sea Ports

The Red Sea Ports received this morning 7364 tourists, as the Italian cruise ship “Thomson Celebration”, which was coming from Aqaba port, arrived in Ain Sukhna Port with 1100 tourists, while Sharm Al Sheikh port received 2237 tourists.

Egypt’s Safaga Port received two ships; they are the German “FT Berlin” coming from Oman with 2719 tourists, and “Armonia” cruise ship that coming from Sharm Al Sheikh with 1208 tourists.

On the other hand, El Zaytyat Port received gas ship, coming from the Saudi Port of Yanbu, carrying 350 tons. And also, Adabiya port received ships, one of them is “Amal” which carried 9112 camels and coming from Djibouti, besides two other ships; “Express” that coming from Aqaba and “Aranos” ship coming from west Asia.

The ship “Nour” left the Adabiya port, heading to Aqaba with 18.000 tons of goods.