A ‘Fair’ Solution To Street Vendors Is A Necessity: Egypt’s PM

Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has stressed the necessity of finding a solution for unauthorised street vendors in the country while ensuring that their lives are not harmed, according to Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website.

During a meeting on Wednesday, Mahlab affirmed that the problem needs to be solved through fair and civilised solutions.

The cabinet head has also asked for the formation of a committee, including the ministry of investment and Cairo governor, to implement a project that provides an alternative venue for street vendors.

The growing number of vendors in Egypt’s busy streets since the 2011 revolution has provoked complaints from many Egyptians who blame them for acerbating the city’s chronic traffic problems.

There have been repeated attempts to clear vendors from areas where they congregate such as Talaat Harb Street, 26 July Street and Ramsis Street in central Cairo. Police action has at times led to clashes and violence with the vendors, who say there are no legal alternative locations to set up their stalls.

Last week, the interior ministry launched a concerted campaign to remove street vendors and their stalls from the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities.

Source : Ahram online