A false notification about a bomb on Jeddah plane panics the airport

Amwal El Ghad:

Cairo airport authorities received today a notification that caused a state of panic; about a bomb on the Egyptian plane flying from Jeddah, flight no 664, and was put by an AUC student Mona Refaat Youssif. In coordination with Saudi authorities, the plane was completely inspected as it found out the notification was false.

The major general Salah Zyada, the director of airport security, was immediately informed, as a group of airport operations investigated the matter to find out that the Egyptian plane, flight no 664, is still in Jeddah and suppose to arrive at 6:45 this morning Saturday.

In coordination with Saudi authorities, the plane was inspected in Jeddah airport as well the passenger was investigated and it was detected that is a false notification.

The Saudi airport authorities announced that the plane will arrive at Cairo three hours late.

The airport authorities are investigating the passenger now and making sure of her identity as the investigating authorities in Jeddah said the girl knows nothing about the notification.