Abou Hashima Says Morsi Should Rescue Egypt’s Economy

Ahmed Abou Hashima, Egyptian businessman, has called on President Mohamed Morsi to take decisive decisions to rescue the Egyptian economy, saying “President Morsi knows that there is an economic fall, so a bunch of decisive decisions should be taken to solve the problem and eliminate the unemployment.

Abou Hashima said the reconciliation with the businessmen is the typical solution for reviving the Egyptian economy. In a phone call with Amr Adeeb, Presenter of “AlKahera Alyoum” (Cairo Today) talk show, the Egyptian businessman stated that the economic recession in Egypt is due to the instability; elaborating that the current economic climate in Egypt expels the investments. He considered that the political problem is the prime reason in the economic crisis.

Abou Hashima referred that the states in Egypt will be changed if the stability restored, as there are many investors are awaiting the states in Egypt in order to enter the market.