AC-OCI: Studies on Suez Canal’s 6 Tunnels Ready Next October

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The Arab Contractors-Orascom Construction Industries coalition will finalise this October the planning studies of executing six tunnels to serve the new Suez canal.

According to the Vice Chairman of the Arab Contractors (AC) Sayed Farouk, the coalition targets the execution of the six tunnels within one month at maximum but after further studies about the construction duration, size of targeted manpower, besides the total cost and amount of required equipments.

The Egyptian official also referred that the coalition between Arab Contractors and Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) is under the supervision of the Armed Forces’ Engineering Authority, responsible for constructing a total of six tunnels under the Suez Canal.

Farouk elaborated that the new tunnels are designated for cars and the railway, to eventually create logistics services in the area, immediately after starting works in the development of Suez Canal and operating the new Canal.

The coalition is due to execute three tunnels in Port Said and three others in Ismailia, he added.

“Digging one tunnel is considered a separate project for the company.” Farouk stated