Agriculture Union Demands for Holding for Land Reclamation

The General Union of Agriculture Workers asked Dr. Kamal Ganzoury and the Minister of Workforce for the quick adoption of the final procedures for the establishment of the Holding Company for Land Reclamation, in order to start the operations of the subsidiaries.

Amwal Al Ghad received a copy of the memorandum -presented to the mentioned authorities- which illustrated that the union confirmed that the subsidiaries of the Holding company; consist of more than 19,000 workers, who are now without work, due to the slow action of the government, especially after the worker’s vow of becoming the soldiers of agricultural development, that will be witnessed in Egypt in the next phase.

Muhammad Albasusy –General Secretary of the Union- denounced the Agriculture Minister disregard and the lack of seriousness, regarding the speed of decision implementation of the Cabinet, for the regard of operating the holding company, and its 6 subsidiaries, which are Al Akareya, Al Aama, El Beherah, Kom ombo, Al Arabia, and Regewa companies.

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