Al Bastawesy: Negotiations for Selecting a Presidential Candidate represents Revolution

Counselor Hesham Al Bastawesy, presidential candidate, said he suspended his election campaign due to Egyptian youth martyrdom in addition to not having a clear map for transmitting power from SCAF to Civilians.

In his interview with Moatez Al Demerdash, “Masr Al Gadida” talk show, Al Bastawesy said NGOs case came about in order to block out monitoring the coming presidential elections; referring that these NGO had licenses to monitor the Egyptian elections, this implicates their legitimacy. He added that “if America didn’t know the judiciary is independent, it wouldn’t allow its citizens to travel”.

He revealed that he refused to pay money for people to collect signatures for presidential running, as some offered him 50 pounds for a proxy, although he definitely refused. He said “who wants to elect me should elect me for my platform and sees that I can help, but who wants money can go for candidates pay money”.


The presidential candidate added that there are negotiations between candidates for selecting a candidate represents the revolution. He mentioned he will submit his documents at last week.


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