Al Maghraby, Garana Cleared by Egypt’s Court

Giza Criminal Court, headed by Judge Hossam Dabous, acquitted the former minister of tourism, Zohair Garana, the Egyptian businessman Hesham Al-hazek and Hussein Al Sagwany over the case of seizing 5 million square meters in both Ain Sukhna and Hurghada land.

During the last session, the court has heard to Sherif Mahmoud, lawyer of Zohair Garana. The defense affirmed that both of the former minister of tourism and the former minister of housing, Ahmed Al Maghraby, were made scapegoats for the toppled president Mubarak, at the start of the revolution.

It is worth mentioning that Garana had previously been handed a five-year prison sentence after being found guilty of corruption and violation of auction laws when he bought land in Ain Sokhna, a Red Sea resort town.

The financial assets of the Garana’s family were frozen for months, pending investigations into further accusations against them of illicit profiteering, but the decision was revoked midway through August.