AMIG Reviews Global Healthcare Program With Insurance Producers

The Arab Misr Insurance Group (AMIG) has reviewed its global healthcare program with producers in the Egyptian market last week, said Ali Bashendy, head of technical affairs and reinsurance sector at AMIG.

This review was made to market the unique insurance product and increase the insurance awareness of producers who market the products to customers.

The global healthcare policy covers the treatment costs of the hospitalized patient, one-day treatment, medical practitioners’ fees, surgeries, cancer treatment (including radiation therapy and chemotherapy), dentistry, psychological illness, vaccinations, pregnancy and natural birth as well as travel insurance coverage.

It is worth mentioning that AMIG still awaits the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority’s approval over the product. The maximum value of the personal insurance policy is US$ 1.2 million annually, while that of the comprehensive personal insurance is US$ 2.4 million annually and that of the premium personal insurance policy is US$ 3.2 million annually.