An Economic Committee Inaugurated By IBIA To Support Egypt’s Economy

The International Business and Investment Association (IBIA) in Egypt has inaugurated the first economic committee inside the association so that it can follow up the economic state, attract more Arab and foreign projects and to inject new funds to the Egyptian economy.

Eng. Ahmed Galal Al Din, Chairman of IBIA, has pointed out that the decision of establishing such a committee had been taken due to the economic conditions that Egypt facing, in addition to that a specialized committee will be formed to follow up the conditions of Egypt’s economy.

Dr Abdel Moneim Al Sayeed, Head of the economic committee, IBIA, said the committee will set clear strategy and vision as well as it will root out solutions for the obstacles facing the Egyptian economy by cadres and its members.

This committee will be a connecting link between the business society and executive and legislative bodies, said Dr Abdel Moneim Al Sayeed, adding that the committee will also look into the laws and the economic decisions, will provide suggestions to resolve the economic problems in Egypt besides finding new solutions and ideas for the Egyptian economy. Furthermore, the committee is demanded by Eng. Ahmed Galal Al Din to follow up the matters of the Syrian investors.