Anan: The Armed Forces is not greedy for power

Amwal Al Ghad:

The chief of staff Sami Anan- the deputy chairman of SCAF- held a meeting with the higher education minister in the defense ministry’s headquarters in Kobre Al-Qobba , attended the meeting; the president of Helwan University and the deans of both university, Helwan and Al-Azhar.

At the beginning of the meeting, Anan mentioned the meeting’s aim is to clarify the incidents that the country lives during the transitional period in addition to exchanging constructive opinions and suggestions. And he assured on having all solutions for any problem, but on two main conditions; specifying concisely the problem and having the desire to solve it.

Anan spoke about the effort is being exerted by the armed forces since 25 Jan revolution, worrying about the security and safety of the country as well providing the life’s needs for the Egyptians during this crucial period. And he assured that the armed forces is not greedy for power and pursue to transfer it to an elected civilian authority through the declared road map. He also called for being patient and rational in realizing matters and keeping away from the bids that aim to personal interests.

The attendees showed their deep appreciation for the armed forces and the responsibility they burden. Some of the attendees called for the necessity of confronting lawlessness and the trials of destroying the country. As they also called for the necessity of making a law organizes satellite broadcast. At the end of the meeting, the field marshal Hussein Tantawi, the chairman of SCAF, welcomed the attendees and assured that Egypt is in a dangerous juncture and we have to realize this and everyone, from his place, is responsible for protecting the unity and stability of Egypt.