Ancient Egypt exhibitions open at Ferens Art Gallery

Ancient Egypt is now at Ferens Art Gallery for the spring/summer season, with two free exhibitions supported by programme for schools and public events

The exhibition explores the ancient Egyptian mystery and beauty through celebrating two of the greatest ancient Egyptian discoveries, the decoding of the Rosetta Stone in 1822 and the discovery of the Tutankhamun tomb in 1922.

There will also be a touring exhibition by the British Museum with the title Egyptian hieroglyphs: unlock the mystery, charting the beauty and language of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

This Rosetta Stone exhibition will display a range of ancient Egyptian artifacts and will provide an insight into the importance of hieroglyphs in the lives of ancient Egyptians.

The artifacts include an extract from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, an ancestor statue that helped keep the memory of the dead alive in the family house, and a large limestone lintel with the name of Pharaoh Ramses III.

The King Tut exhibition, Tutankhamun: 100 years of Discovery, will reveal the myths and controversies of the King’s treasures.

Hull museums will display their beautifully crafted replicas of the treasures found in King Tut’s tomb, that were handmade by William Aumonier Junior and his team for the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1924 and 1925.

The two exhibitions are currently on display and will continue to be until Sunday the 18th of June.

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