Anti-Govt Protests across Moroccan Cities

Thousands of people have held anti-government rallies in several cities across Morocco to demand deeper reforms and an end to corruption.
On Tuesday, the protesters used May Day to voice their anger at what they called the monarchy’s corruption and tyranny. 

They denounced the heavy-handed response by police against protesters and the government’s mistreatment of political prisoners. 

The angry demonstrators also called for a solution for high unemployment in the country. 

The North African state has been the scene of pro-reform rallies since early last year. 

Moroccans have been engaged in weekly protests despite King Mohammed IV’s announcement of more reforms — which give more powers to the prime minister, but leave the king with a veto power over most governmental decisions. 

The anti-government demonstrations in Morocco began in the wake of the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. 

Moroccans say the latest parliamentary polls in the country failed to display true democratic reforms and that the US-backed ruling monarchy is not committed to real changes. 

The country has been facing serious economic troubles over the past few years, with high unemployment and rising levels of poverty, according to Press TV.


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