Apple teams up with Broadcom to build wireless charging for iPhone

An upcoming Apple iPhone is likely to have a customised wireless charging system made with Broadcom, according to JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur.

The wireless charging partnership between Apple and chip giant Broadcom, “a key enabler of Apple’s best-in-class performance”, has been going on for about two years, Sur wrote in a research note released Friday.

But Sur said this feature may not come out on the next iPhone, because of caution around the battery-related recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Still, Sur’s prediction falls in line with other predictions for the next iPhone.

Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects all three iPhones released this year will have wireless charging, and Apple confirmed to CNBC on Monday that it has joined the Wireless Power Consortium.

Wireless charging also makes sense alongside rumors that the next iPhone will be mostly glass.

“We believe the glass back cover is conducive to wireless charging as it reduces signal interference versus a metal casing,” Sur wrote, adding: “It is possible for Apple to add proprietary features such as fast charging or extended charging to differentiate itself from the pack and enhance the value of its own hardware ecosystem.”

Apple, which typically doesn’t weigh in on speculation about new products, declined to comment to CNBC.

Sur estimated that iPhone charging upgrade could grow to a $500 million to $600 million opportunity for Broadcom. Broadcom’s shares closed one percent higher on Friday.

Source: CNBC

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