Arab Contractors Business in Guinea hikes to $528mln

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The Arab Contractors Company’s (AC) business volume in Equatorial Guinea, including the currently executed projects, is estimated at US$528 million, Chairman Mohsen Salah said Thursday.

Arab Contractors is executing a bunch of important large projects in Guinea such as: Pico Road – Sibobo Road leading to the Convention Hall – Fitsh Town Housing Project, Autondi Resort and the construction of 1,000 housing units in the new economic capital” Oyala” .

The firm’s activities are varying between roadways and construction projects as it is implementing the water network in the capital city Malabo and tourism destination worth US $20 million in addition to a residential resort encompassing 500 housing units with the cost of US$50 million.

The Chairman further said that his visit to Equatorial Guinea came within the frame work of government’s interest on enhancing the bilateral economic ties as well as reviewing the new development projects.

Moreover, it was agreed to assign a number of infrastructure and housing projects to Arab Contractors to be implemented in cooperation with the Egyptian government.