Arab Contractors to Deliver Shalateen’s EGP194 million Water Projects late 2015

Egypt’s leading construction firm, Arab Contractors intends to hand over water supply networks worth EGP 194 million in Shalateen by late 2015. The networks are part of the company’s Red-Sea-branch projects in the city to carry out main water lines in addition to establish desalination plants.

According to Mohammed Taher – head of Arab Contractors-Red Sea Branch, the desalination plant in Shalateen is with a total capacity of 3.000 cubic metres per day. The group is also implementing water distribution network in the city, he added.

Furthermore, Arab Contractors is completing the expansions in the desalination plant of Abo Ramad, aiming to double its capacity from 600 to 2000 cubic metres per day.

Taher also pointed out that the company seeks to finish and deliver a number of targeted projects before the end of 2014, notably the water distribution network in Halaieb city and Shalateen’s in-ground cistern in with a capacity of 10.000 cubic metres and pumping station.

The official clarified that the company achieved more than 65% of Shalateen’s water projects. Arab Contractors also plans to deliver some projects in Halaieb before the deadline, most importantly the 22km-water supply line linking Halaieb to neighborhood villages. The project was scheduled to be delivered mid-2015.