Common Arab digital economy strategy launched in Abu Dhabi

The First Arab Digital Economy Conference has launched a common Arab digital economy strategy under the theme of “A Common Vision For an Arab Digital Economy Initiative.”

The First Arab Digital Economy Conference takes place off in Abu Dhabi on December 16-17, under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the UAE’s Armed Forces.

The digital economy vision is aiming to enhancing cooperation between Arab countries towards digital transformation and technological development .

The UAE supports an unprecedented initiative for digitalising the Arab world’s economy entitled “A joint Arab Vision for the Digital Economy”.

The vision aims to establish digital inclusion and the development of legislative and technological infrastructure, based on digital knowledge to achieve security.

It also emphasises the importance of the role of modern technology, and its use as a tool to achieve the goals of sustainable development, and achieve high economic growth, through creating investment opportunities and supporting new markets and jobs.

The output of the strategy will include development initiatives and projects that will highlight the economic opportunities available for the Arab States in the areas of digital transformation. The context of the strategy is of non-compete and aims at integration to ensure that all Arab States benefit from the development opportunities.

Moreover, Arab Digital Economy Conference is a new platform to design a map of investment strategy and policy formulation and development of technologies, through the adoption of the restructuring of processes, products and services using digital technology.

The conference will showcase different parts of the strategy, as well the economic opportunities in Arab countries that have resulted from the digital transformation.