Armed Forces destroys Two Main Terrorist Bases- Spokesman

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The two main terrorist bases have been destroyed and air force jets are bombing other sites, Armed forces spokesperson Brigadier General Mohamed Samir said Wednesday.

According to medical sources, twenty ambulances rushed to Sinai from the Suez Canal cities of Ismailia and Port Said to help ferry the injured.

On Wednesday morning, around 70 militants fired mortar rounds and used a car bomb in separate attacks on five checkpoints in the town of Sheikh Zuweid, according to security sources.

“Egyptian armed forces returned fire, killing at least 22 terrorists and destroying three vehicles armed with anti-craft missiles,” army spokesman Brigadier-General Mohamed Samir said in a statement.

Militants have planted IEDs on local highways to hinder the advance of Egyptian troops, a security source said.

He added that militants have occupied the rooftops of houses in Sheikh Zuweid after forcing the occupants to flee.

Source: Ahram Online