Asian Markets Briefing 13/03/2023

The Asian markets inclined slightly, after Friday’s drastic fall in all of the major indices, with the Chinese main index SSEC rising by 1.2 percent. The index reached a value of 3,268.70, when it opened at 3,228.12. The day high value was its the closing value, and the day low value was its opening value.

The Japanese main index, however, dropped by -1.11 percent to 27,832.96. Nikkei 225 opened at 27,886.21, and recorded a day high value of 27,906.97, and a day low value of 27,631.53.

HSI, Hong Kong’s main index, climbed by 1.90 percent to 19,686.10, when it opened at 19,411.88. The index recorded a day high value of 19,791.64, and a day low value of 19,390.38.

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