Bank Audi Establishes Special Department For Top Customers

Doaa Zaki, head of wealth management and top customers department at Bank Audi, said the Bank will assign a special department for top customers by the second half of the current fiscal year.

The new department will serve customers whose deposits are more than EGP 500 thousand.

Zaki added in an interview with Amwal Al Ghad the Bank targets offering special services for this segment of customers such as fast procedures done by senior employees and competitive interest rates.

Meeting customers’ needs is Bank Audi’s first priority as offering special services plays a key role in attracting customers, Zaki noted. Top customers’ portfolio was not affected by the turmoil that followed 2011’s revolution, because customers trusted Bank Audi due to its strong financial position.

Banks proved to be a low-risk investment instrument with giving high interest rates, as compared to investing in stocks that registered many losses in 2011 and investing in real estate market that is witnessing a recession.

The top customers’ portfolio has long-term and short-term deposits, decided upon customers’ demand. There also foreign currency and local currency deposits at Bank Audi.

Head of wealth management and top customers department added Egypt’s market has become more competitive in attracting customers who need special services.

Bank Audi is not facing difficulties in investing top customers’ deposits as the lender has many investment instruments as well as an increasing investment portfolio.

Establishing a department for Islamic banking services will contribute in increasing top customers’ portfolio and attracting more customers, as there is an increasing demand on Islamic banking services, Zaki affirmed. Top customers’ portfolio will increase customers’ deposits that reached EGP 15.7 billion at the end of 2011.

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