Banque Misr Closes Rabaa Branch, Technical Failure in ATM Reported

Banque Misr closed its branch in Rabaa EL Adaweyya Square in the light of the ongoing massive demonstrations which the Islamist forces organized concurrently with 30 June “Tamarod’s Day”.

Amwal Al Ghad knew that a technical failure occurred to the Bank’s Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in Rabaa EL Adaweyya, El Serag Mall and Abbas EL Akkad’s branch which prevented the ATM from rendering the service.

Moreover, the banks in the local market has taken precautionary and security measures yesterday with high state of anticipation, whereas many Egyptian squares witnessed massive protests and set-ins after number of opposition forces has called for demonstrations in so called “Tamarod’d Day”

The banks had met over the past week to determine the precautionary and the insurance measures, that the banks shall take in order to protect its branches that located in the squares (the focus of the events), in addition to the squares  that likely to witness massive demonstrations. Whereas many political forces called for massive demonstration in all many Squares all over Egypt.  In the meeting the banks emphasized on the necessity of providing liquidity to customers via ATM, because 5 banks were closed yesterday coinciding with the official holiday of the fiscal year-end inasmuch as theses banks finalizes their budget on June 30.