Kuwait’s Burgan Bank launches customer satisfaction poll

Burgan Bank, Kuwaiti lender, announced that it has launched an online customer satisfaction poll in coordination with Service Hero Company, which aims at measuring the bank’s customers’ satisfaction levels. Through the online poll, that is considered the only index in the Arab world that measures service quality across different sectors or industry categories, Burgan Bank will use the results with an objective of capitalizing as well as improving its overall performance.

Haneen AL Rumaihi, Head of Marketing at Burgan Bank said: “These ratings will prove to be instrumental in enabling us to track and improve our performance, and obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our collaboration with Service Hero is part of our overall strategy to continue to deliver exceptional results to all of our customers. We believe this voting system will be an effective, faster and more reliable source of valuable information.”

Faten Abu-Ghazaleh- Service Hero President said, “Understanding your customer is one of the most fundamental aspects of building customer loyalty. This is why Service Hero has developed an online customer satisfaction poll. The service offered by Service Hero to companies gives users the chance to rate their overall satisfaction based on one question. This poll is designed to be user friendly and, most importantly, does not trouble the online user. This service reflects our commitment to customers to help them get better service”. Burgan Bank continues to apply best practice methods with an overall aim to offer its customers the best quality and service. The bank strives to bring the best in class financial services through continuous quality improvement in innovative products and services, streamlining processes, developing as well as enhancing skills, and effectively responding to customer feedback

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