Cairo Governor: Infrastructure, Informal Areas Are Most Salient Challenges

Dr Osama Kamal, Cairo Governor, Egypt, said that Cairo is facing at the current period a lot of challenges and problems, the most salients ones are the infrastructure and its deteriorated main parts, the solid wastes and its managements, the transportation, along with the informal areas, which reached 112 ones across Cairo.

He added that the governorate has started to make up a scheme and future vision for Cairo to repair those key challenges. The prominent features of this scheme is to focus on appointing a group of youth leaders to set their vision for the governorate within the coming two decades; handling and overcoming those challenges. And it is ready done, as some goals and a main vision are set and the governoarte is working towards connecting them in order to be achieved.

As to the current vision is being set, the Governor said we are keening on reaching a consensus with the government’s national strategic plan in the other governorates on the level of development. He affirmed that resolving the problems of Cairo comes after resolving the problems in the rest governorates. In this regard, Kamal elaborated that Cairo needs stable population, as the migration from other governorates hinder resolving Cairo’s problems.

Moreover, the Governor reviewed a number of the current indicators exist in Cairo, like the number of population there amid the ongoing migration, which amount to 10 million people, the majority are youth who have power not exploited yet, and 200,000 universities graduates annually. So Cairo is a cultural as well as financial center, not only for Egypt but for Arab countries and Africa, more and above it is an access to Asia due to its distinguished location.