Cairo to host UAB’s 2019 Arab Banking Conference in Dec.

The Union of Arab Banks (UAB) will hold its annual Arab Banking Conference in Cairo from December 8 to 9.

More than 700 senior banking officials and central bank governors as well as Arab ministers of economy and finance are expected to take part in the conference.

This year’s event is aimed to be an invitation to the Arab private sector to participate effectively in promoting development, and to Arab banks to redirect their funding capabilities to the real economy and development. It will be also a message to the governments to lower their reliance on borrowing from banks and compete with private sector to obtain funding, according to UAB statement.

The conference will also work on developing a common Arab banking vision to face the challenges in the Arab world and reduce their economic repercussions.

Topics of discussions will include reforms needed to achieve economic and social security, the role of government policies in promoting financial markets, implications of political fluctuations on banking, and the 4th Industrial Revolution and financial technology and their impact on the banking sector.