CBE: Private-sector Banks’ Investments in T-bills Hit EGP10bn in September

In Egypt, private-sector banks’ investments in government auctioned debt instruments recorded 153.5 billion Egyptian pounds by end of September 2014, a 7.3 percent increase on the previous month.

In August, their investments reached 142.97 billion pounds.

According to the latest report by Egypt’s Central Bank, the investments of the foreign banks in the treasury bills surged to EGP 18.07 billion at September–end, versus EGP 17.59 billion at August-end.

The report also revealed that the Egyptian banking sector’s investments in the treasury bills had increased by EGP 14.9 billion or 4.2% registering around EGP 369.6 billion at September-end, compared with EGP 354.6 billion at August-end.

Furthermore, the investments made by the specialized banks in the t-bills slightly inched up by 0.3% to EGP 7.17 billion at September-end, opposed to EGP 7.15 billion at August-end.

For the public-sector banks, they had made investments worth EGP 190.8 billion at the end of last September, 2.1% up from a month earlier of EGP 186.9 billion.

Moreover, the CBE also stated that the total balance of governmental t-bills rose by EGP 7.9 billion or 1.7% to hit EGP 478.5 billion at September-end, compared to EGP 470.6 billion at August-end.