CCC: Ibrahim Soliman gets8-years Sentence, Magdi Rasekh 5-years

In Cairo criminal Court’s session today, Counselor Assem Abdel Hamid returned a verdict on the former minister of housing, Mohamed Ibrahim Soliman, 8 years; as he is convicted in two cases, embezzling public fund and seizing state’s land.

In the first case the court sent Ibrahim Soliman to prison for 5 years, and gave the escaped businessman Magdi Rasekh 5-years sentence.  The court also convicted the former chairman of commercial and real estate affairs sector in Urban Communities Authority, Ezzet Abdel Rauf Abdel Kader, and gave him 1-year sentence. It also enjoined him to refund EGP 81 million.

The court enjoined both of Ibrahim Soliman and Magdi Rasekh to refund EGP 970 million and fined them an even amount. Meanwhile, the court carried the rest of defendants a suspended 1- year sentence; they are the Urban Communities Authority’s members Fouad Madbouly, Hassan Khaled Fadel, Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Dayem. In the second case, the court carried Ibrahim Soliman 3-years sentence and enjoined him to refund EGP 34 million as well it fined an even amount.

As for businessman Yahia Al Komi, he was given a suspended 1-year sentence and fined EGP 4 million for the state. The court also gave the escaped businessman Emad Al Hazek a suspended 1-year sentence and fined him EGP 6.7 million.

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