Woman in China sues over fatal tiger attack

A woman whose mother was killed by tigers at a Chinese wildlife park and has had her lawsuit against the park accepted by a court.

The woman, surnamed Zhao, visited the drive-through Beijing Badaling Wildlife World in July with her family.

CCTV footage showed her leaving her car and shortly after being attacked by a tiger. Her mother tried to help but was mauled to death by other tigers.

Ms Zhao, 32, says the park bore “undeniable responsibility”.

She is seeking 1.56m yuan in damages ($0.23m; £0.19m) to cover her mother’s funeral expenses and her own medical expenses.

In the legal document, Ms Zhao says the park did not launch any rescue effort for her mother and that what her mother did was “an act of bravery for a just cause”.

Ms Zhao also says allowing visitors’ vehicles into the park was highly dangerous and no necessary safety measures and contingency plans were put in place.

In an interview with the Beijing Times, Ms Zhao said that she left the car because she was feeling dizzy and thought she had already reached a safe zone.

A government report released in August said the park had given sufficient warnings and the main cause of the accident was that Ms Zhao didn’t comply with the park’s rules.

The lawsuit has been met with incredulity online, with many internet users calling her shameless.

Source: BBC

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