CIS Egypt To Hold Board Election Under State Litigation Authority’s Supervision

The Cooperative Insurance Society Egypt will hold board elections on January 21st-222nd under supervision of the State Litigation Authority.

Sources said the Society has not received any candidacy requests since opening the door for candidacy at the beginning of this January, adding that the deadline for candidacy is January 13th.

The society has formed committees to receive candidacy requests and examine appeals. Sources revealed that no one has submitted candidacy requests till now because they are finalizing the required documents for candidacy.

Sources added that the Society sent a thank you letter to the former chairman Abdel Monem Bakheet for the valuable efforts he exerted during his chairmanship of the Society. Alaa El-Gharably was authorized to chair the society succeeding Bakheet till the board elections.

Sources affirmed that the Society notified the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) with the date of elections so as to send its representatives to attend the elections.

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