Cityscape Egypt: E-marketing stimulates the real estate industry

Real estate market use of e-marketing tools is rapidly growing worldwide leading to wide expansion of the sale and purchase, said Andrzej Olejnik, Co-Founder and CEO of Prof. Estate.

Olejnik added during his speech at Cityscape Egypt-day II, taking place in Cairo at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski under the rubric of ‘ The Future of Development: Urbanisation, that using real estate  e-marketing solutions shall help create better communication mechanisms with consumers as well as provide real estate developers with up-to-date information about other competitors’.

Prof.Estate is an international real estate promotion and technology company that has developed e-gates to support real estate developers worldwide. The company has few offices in only five countries however, through its e-gates it can contact a huge number of real estate investors.

The company also possesses a huge information database of properties in all markets worldwide and their state of availability in addition to information about customers and their preferences