Committee To Decide Parliamentary Poll Date in Egypt

The date of parliamentary polls in Egypt will be decided by the political rights law committee, a spokesperson said on Sunday.

“The parliamentary election will be called for by the committee and not the president. This will ensure full judicial supervision of the election from beginning to end,” Judge Mahmoud Fawzy said.

“The High Constitutional Court made it clear that the president should not interfere in the election process.”

The parliamentary election should be held within six months of the passing of the new constitution.

Fawzy also announced that the committee had chosen the mixed electoral system, combining individual candidates and party lists.

“The mixed system is a good way to encourage party political life in Egypt.”

The committee was appointed by interim President Adly Mansour to decide on changes to the political rights law.

The constitution-drafting committee had earlier failed to reach an agreement on the electoral system, leaving it to the president to decide.

According to Fawzy, the committee will complete their amendments to the political rights law by next week. In the mean time, the committee will hold further meetings with political parties and youth groups regarding the matter.

Source: Ahram Online

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