Constitution Assembly Is Such A Crime: Ziad Bahaa-Eldin

The MP Zaid Bahaa-Eldin has decided not to participate in the Constituent drafting amidst being elected to be the economists’ representative few hours ago.

Through his page on facebook, Bahaa-Eldin expressed saying: “It is a black day in Egypt’s history. The Committee to draft the constitution has been formed on the basis of the Freedom and Justice (FJP) and Al-Nour parties’ own rules.”

“There is just consensus on nothing. It lacks both mutual understanding and constitution value concern. You would neither find professors … women, youth, Copts, artists nor writers in charge. They all have been ruled out driven by partisan mania and control obsession.”

Bahaa-Eldin also mentioned that taking part in drafting such a constitution would be such a crime.

Dr. Bahaa El-Din has a Ph.D. in Law, London School of Economics and Political Science; a thesis on Legal Aspects of Banking Regulation, LLM International Business Law, King’s College, University of London; a BA in Economics (Honors), American University in Cairo and LLB (License in Law), Faculty of Law, Cairo University.

Dr. Bahaa-El Din was in charge of and had primary responsibility for drafting of several key legislative documents including Unified Company Law, New Capital Market Law, the Central Securities Depository Law, the Executive Regulations of the Central Securities Depository Law, the Mortgage Law, the Executive Regulations of the Mortgage Law, the amendments to the Financial Leasing Law, various amendments to the Executive Regulations of the Capital Market Law.

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