Consumer Protection Combats Misleading Advertising

Consumer Protection Agency presented a memorandum to the General Authority for investment and Free Zones; demanding for banning adverts that mislead consumers, as the investment authority is in charge of the sector of private satellite channels.

Major General Atef Yaakoub – Chairman of the Agency- said that the agency has already took some actual steps, which aim at agreeing with investment authority on banning these adverts, as they spread widely amid satellite channels, as well as their promotions of competitions that present unreal prizes, beside the super affecting products that got also promoted through these channels, and all of these promotions lead to mislead consumers and waste their money, especially who are uneducated sufficiently.

Yaakoub added that consumer protection agency asked the Radio and Television Union to ban these adverts, and the union’s officials have responded quickly to this request, as they actually banned some Ads, and also set specified criterions for advertising.

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