Coordination With Military Required To Publish Info On Army: Spokesman

Ahmed Ali, spokesman for Egypt’s armed forces, called on media outlets not to publish information related to the army without coordination with the military, in order not to disturb national security.

Ali’s Facebook statement was made hours after private newspaper Watan published a lengthy piece describing the memoirs of former chief of staff Sami Anan, in which he reportedly expressed his support for ousted president Hosni Mubarak and his belief that the 2011 uprising was assisted by foreign enemies.

“These days, various media outlets have represented certain information as the memoirs of former military figures,” the statement reads. “This could lead to a state of turmoil in a way that could affect the security and safety of the armed forces.”

Ali urged media to “show caution” over publishing such information, “without taking legal procedures through coordination with involved parties [affiliated to] the armed forces.”

“The armed forces stress the right of all citizens to have access to facts and information, but national security requirements impose on all of us responsibilities that we are keen to maintain in order to uphold the national security of Egypt,” Ali added.

There have often been sensitivities associated with publishing information on the Egyptian army, as in many other countries, in order to protect national security.

Source : Ahram