Mild Explosion In Suez, No Casualties

An explosive body went off in the Canal city of Suez on Saturday near a church and a bank, but resulted in no casualties.

Two reportedly suffered mild injuries and ambulances emerged in the area.

The explosion scattered the goods of street vendors but there was minimal damage to surrounding buildings.

Investigations are underway to analyse the explosive body, which was planted in a rubbish bin, as traffic in the area was halted.

Since the removal of former president Mohamed Morsi by the military on 3 July after mass protests against his rule, police and security personnel have been subjected to recurring attacks by suspected Islamists incensed at his removal.

In July, at least two bombings at police stations outside Cairo were reported. The explosion in the Nile Delta’s Mansoura left one dead.

Earlier this month, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim survived an assassination attempt when a bomb detonated near his convoy in northeast Cairo.

Source : Ahram