Dina Abdel Fattah: Taking the Media by Storm

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Dina Abdel Fattah is a TV and radio host as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Amwal Al Ghad Magazine. She’s one of a rare breed of serious TV presenters who actually knows what she’s talking about and presents issues with integrity. Unfortunately she’s been off the small screen for a while, but she’s still making her mark through other mediums. Abdel Fattah spoke to eniGma’s Salma Hussein about her media experience and her plans for the future.

When did you decide that you wanted to work in the media?

It all started when I was 16 and went to Cairo University to study Mass Communication and Journalism. I volunteered to work with Mostafa Amin where I was taught how to write stories and reports based on community based work. Day by day I felt that this was the field I wanted to be part of. I later went on to take my Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the American University in Cairo.

Tell us about your journey in the field of media.

After graduating from university I was hired by Amin in Akhbar El Youm. I proceeded to work in various departments within the media field. I stopped working in media for a while during which I joined my family’s business. When I returned to media, I worked on finance and economic reporting, then with Amr Adib for a few months before returning to news reporting again. When the Egyptian revolution took place, I took a break and started working on Amwal Al Ghad. My main purpose was to prove that the Egyptian market was on track, the enterprises were doing well, and that there were many investment opportunities in Egypt. I then started working with Al Tahrir TV and then, unfortunately, my program was cancelled. I went back to Amwal Al Ghad, and the article I write in the magazine is what I look forward to now. It is like a dose of fresh air for me.

How about your experience in radio?

I started working as a radio host on my own show, ’60 minutes with Dina Abdel Fattah’, on Radio Masr. My aim is to teach my audience about the importance of media ethics. The radio has a huge impact because people actually listen. I believe that we should focus on the country’s economy in order to move forward. I am now leaning towards politics as a career. I believe that we will never move forward without proper healthcare and education.

How do you believe the economy can be improved?

As I always stress, healthcare and education are the two most important factors of any thriving economy. A lot has to be invested in these two sectors so we can improve the economy. We have to work more on values and the quality of day to day life. We have to focus on the individual and how he/she can become successful. There is a potential of growth here and we should work on it. We are a dynamic society so we definitely have the potential to advance. As for the media, there has to be a system where the media properly shapes the mentality of its audience.

How do you think you can create change through the media?

I cannot create change through the media. But I know I will be able to do so through participating in the political scene, which is why I’m going to enter politics soon.