EBA Hosts Customs Authority’s Head To Discuss Customs Deal Developments

The Egyptian Businessmen Association (EBA), led by Hussein Sabour, will convene a wide meeting to discuss the important developments in customs deal and how to overhaul the work process to foster the economic development in both of imports and exports.

The meeting will discuss the mechanisms of solving the problems facing the Egyptian exports; acquainting the methods of work in the customs authority at the present time, in addition to encouraging the Egyptian exports to open new markets and reaching new mechanisms to fight the customs evasion.

Mohamed El-Salhawy, head of the Egyptian Customs Authority, and Dr Magdy Abdel Aziz, Head of the Central Administration for Air Exports and Imports Customs, as well as Ahmed Al Saman, Head of the Central Administration of Combating Customs Evasion will attend the meeting, along with Dr Ahmed Husseinen, General Director of the Technical Office in the Customs Authority.